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From the author

I apologize for the delay in posting, not to mention that this entry is not another Almost True Tale. Last week I was buried under grading comprehensive exams and looking forward to a relaxing weekend – including a few moments … Continue reading

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Home alone

8 p.m. is still early, and here I am, drunk enough to be honest. I am not an alcoholic. Since we had kids, I barely drink at all, so when I do, it goes straight to my head. I’m almost … Continue reading

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Multiple choice

Congratulations! One of your graduate students has accepted a position with a college or university. Right now you feel: Proud Disappointed that the market is so tough this year Baffled at his/her choice Glad s/he will be clear across the … Continue reading

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An open slot

Three years now. That’s how long we’ve been running this damn search. It all started four years ago when Georgia announced she was leaving. Georgia was a full professor who brought in good grant money, so her departure was a … Continue reading

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